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    Lightbulb New meal Pack list....

    As I mentioned in a few other threads I'm a little older than most here and trying to update a few things this year the biggest thing is my food pack and trying to cut some of the food weight. So after reading a few threads and taking some advice from some on the forum I am finally putting together my 7 day food pack. Today I started with part of the mid morning snack, I did the trail mix part since it is all dried goods and I can vacuum seal it now. I am really tired of the old trail mix and not partial to peanuts so I cobbled together my own mix and figured the calorie count for each trail-mix pack.
    The list of what is in the mix per day:

    Crasins Original 20 grams 65.0 calories
    Crasins Blueberry 10 grams 32.5 calories
    Crasins Pomegranate 10 grams 32.5 calories
    Granola 22 grams 92.0 calories
    Pecans 20 grams 135.0 calories
    Cashews 48 grams 274.0 calories
    Dried Mango 12.1 grams 41.9 calories
    Dried Apple 12.1 grams 41.9 calories
    Total per day 4.97 ounces 714.8 calories

    Cost per day $2.25

    As I move along with my food pack I will add it to this thread.....Mark

    Since I will be out for fourteen days I made up fourteen trailmix packs in case I have to reload after the first seven day pack in.
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