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Thread: Utah Elk

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    Nice bull. I would fill my tag on him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by squirrelduster View Post
    So Mr. Dryflyguy tell us more.
    We won't spread it around
    18" #3's and 16" #5's

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    Quote Originally Posted by zacii View Post
    Wow, that is a nice bull.

    I've seen a lot smaller ones online taken from limited entry units.

    I'm not a good judge of size when it comes to elk. What do you guess the score of this one?

    Good luck to you.

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    Well I'm having a hard time guessing because of the size of the 5's I'm having a hard time getting a guess on the 4's. however I will take a stab at it and would like to hear what others think. Main beams look to be in the mid 40's maybe 46" the 4's look to be 16" (but I could be guessing short because the 5's have some good size.) the 1's/2's look to be in the 15" area and short three's at around 10" I'd say he is 330ish (could be too high for the measures I'm guessing, could make me look stupid also.) I've been told in last part of antler growth there can be 6" put on a day so he could have got much bigger if that is true. Any idea if that is true?

    I have been up in the mountains for 7 days and haven't been able to track him down. I also haven't seen another hunter remotely close to where I've been; however, that will change in the upcoming weeks as some guys will hit the tail end of the hunt and try and get get the animals at the first of the rut.



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