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    Ca/Or Sportsmans Alliance

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    Ca Sportsmans Alliance

    Outdoor Heritage of America
    I'm sure most of you are aware that California Outdoor Heritage Alliance is not with us anymore. It was a sad day for California to have lost one of the few voices it has to stand up for our rights as sportsmen and sportswomen. Prior to COHA's departure, I was putting together a national organization to unify all sportsmen. I will be bringing hunters, fishermen, trappers, houndsmen, archers, trap and skeet shooters, retriever clubs, etc., all under one roof. In essence, this will be the NRA for sportsmen.

    Our opponents are completely dismantling us because we are so disorganized. There are many who are not aware of the threat against us. That is primarily because you won't find it in the headlines. However, if you search it out, the assault is readily accessible to find. The Humane Society of the United States has made it their highest priority to take California down. They want ALL sport hunting and ALL sport fishing eliminated. They are having their way because there is no organization with enough size to stand in their way.

    No more. Whether you already recognize the threat for what it is or you didn't realize the threat was as imminent as it is, it's time to stand up for what you believe in. Not just stand up, but stand shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm, to finally have a voice loud enough to make a difference.

    What we (sportsmen, which is meant to include women) have always lacked is the numbers. The numbers are out there nationally but we are scattered all over in our small groups. We need these small groups but the mission statements of most of these groups is not to defend sportsmen's rights. We are now registered and running in Oregon and California. We will be marching across the other 48 states as fast as we can.

    Let me make one thing perfectly clear at this point. We are a 501(c)(4). We will *not* be competing with all the other groups out there. The goal is to lock arms with all the existing groups to be the umbrella over them all. There are a few national groups and many state groups that are doing great work. The problem is; they are simply not big enough (in numbers) in the big picture to get the job done.

    I will be using word of mouth, the Internet, and social media to get it off the ground. I know that will work to get it going. Bigger strategies will be used to take it to the next level. I have seen other 501(c)(4)'s fail in less than a year because they focused only on raising money. Obviously we will ultimately need plenty of money to win the battle. But I am convinced that the money we will need will follow the numbers. I will be focused on what we have always lacked; THE NUMBERS! I will be on a grass roots membership drive. The membership is affordable at $20. I realize that times are tough and you probably belong to several groups already.

    However, this is *not* just one more group you can belong to. This is *not* another group among many. This is *not* one more place to drop $20. If you are a sportsman and don't want to see what you love to do completely disintegrated in the next decade, then this needs to be mandatory involvement. We must unite across the board to prevent our time honored traditions from extinction.

    If you are someone who doesn't understand the urgency of this or the pressure being applied to us, then do some homework to see our enemies for who they are. I will be doing my best to put a lot of that info on the website.

    Here is the bottom line. We desperately need an organization like this. (It should have been formed 20 years ago) We need the NUMBERS to stop the blatant attacks on our freedoms. We are having things taken away from us at every turn. With that said, it will be a monumental effort to accomplish this. It will take a huge wholesale participation from all sportsmen.

    The message is simple. Please join!! Don't wait. We don't have the time to waste. If you can afford it, sign up your spouse. If you can afford it, sign up your children or grandchildren. I should have been more clear about signing up family members on the website. (I will add some wording to it) If you are going to sign up a spouse or family member, go through the signup process each time. I know it takes a little longer but remember what the goal is; we need the numbers. We need as many individual members as possible.

    If you have already gone through the process of grouping people together in one signup, send me an email with your family members names and I will make sure they are individual memberships.Tell as many people as you possibly can. We need the numbers!

    Here is the website.

    I welcome all comments, questions, and suggestions. The website was put together quickly and will be a work in progress. The support so far has been tremendous. Make sure to check out the website before asking questions or making comments. You can respond here or send me an email through the website. If you feel compelled to join the cause, let me know.

    Thank you,
    Steve Eberhart

    I'm simply the messenger here. Steve Eberhart has a great idea and a renewed focus for us to band together. Please join today.

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    Click Here!

    I joined. Hopefully this will take off and the memberships will grow fast.
    -NRA Life Member



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