I didn't draw any tags this year and the leftover tags for antelope weren't available in the area I wanted in Wyoming. I was going to do a Aoudad hunt in Texas but the few places to hunt with trespass fees are booked up until the spring of 2014. I've hunted Mule deer the past 5 years in Nebraska and Wyoming but I want to try something different.

I've never done a backcountry hunt or hunted elk in any manner. I'm going to need some elk hunting experience if I draw one of my LE tags in the next few years anyway. I would be happy with a legal bull of pretty much any size my first year, but I would like to hunt an OTC unit with the potential of a 250+ bull. I would like to learn a unit or 2 with OTC 2nd and 3rd rifle elk and an easy to draw (5pp or less) for deer so when I draw the deer I could hunt elk again. With these criteria in mind is this doable in 2 and 1/2 months? I've been researching the southwest region.

Any help would be greatly appreciated along with GPS coordinates to you're honey holes. just kidding!
Feel free to pm if you don't want it up on the internet. I've got a few areas in mind but I'm very open to suggestions because I am a elk hunting and backcountry newbie.