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    Im definately no expert, but have had several black labs that we trained to hunt birds. Not sure about the yelping, every dog has their own attitude. But I would say that will fade fast, as it did with my most recent dog within the first few nights. Ive never trained her to hunt sheds, only pheasants and doves, but I have learned that teaching them obedience is the #1 priority. Once they've learned to mind you, then you can start to teach them how or what to hunt. Good luck with your lab, they want to please, but you have to let them know YOU are in charge from the start or they may never amount to much. The bloodline/natural hunting instinct of your particular dog and amount of time you give them in the field early on will also determine how good of hunting dog they will become. They do best if it's routine for them instead of a rarity to get to go "hunting" whatever it may be.

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