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    [[/ATTACH]QUOTE=Shaun;58496]Obviously this is coming from a guy who does not know how to find elk any other way besides using his wallet. If a guy puts forth the effort as I stated "scouting, research, and boot leather" it would be a slam dunk I am assuming you are a Michigan guy so I will look past your ignorance since I assume your idea of effort is sitting in a tree stand all day[/QUOTE]

    ***You have no idea what you're talking about because your assumptions are making an ass of yourself!!! FYI I don't do anything other than DIY hunts along with a buddy out in Wyoming and our success rate on branch antlered bulls scoring from 270" up through the one in this photo that was 357 3/8"Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2010 Trip 087.JPG 
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ID:	6145 has been 9 out of 10 on tags we or are friends that we've taken out have had. The only tag that wasn't filled was when a friend held out for a big bull we had seen and passed on a bunch of smaller ones. The whole reason for our success that is all on BLM land is because we know the land like the back of our hand. This 6x7 on my buddies back is our second biggest with huge 4ths, but we didn't even score it because of the small 3rds. Now eat your words BRO!!! Your continued "slam dunk" comment on any elk hunt where a person can't scout and is going in cold is laughable at best! Sorry my posting skills aren't as good as my elk hunting skills, LOL! ATTACH=CONFIG]6146
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