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    Quote Originally Posted by ivorytip View Post
    they will be wherever the heck they want to be. .
    Unfortunately this is the most accurate statement for finding elk in my experience. As everyone else said, they will look for the cows come september. There are usually cows spread high and low. Food, water, and cool dark timber with the LEAST human pressure are your best bets, but this can change daily pushing the elk "wherever the heck they want to be". Your best bet is to pick the style of hunting you want and start with that...whether it is up high glassing basins above treeline or still hunting dark timber. Each area is different, food and water availability help determine their movement but human pressure plays a big role in the areas Ive hunted. Start where you have spotted the bulls and work out from there until you find them again, sounds obvious, but I think too many people get stuck doing the same thing day after day because that was their "plan", but don't be afraid to make plan B, C.... and go with that as soon as Plan A has been exhausted.

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