A friend and I are going bow hunting for Elk September 23 - 29. Neither of us have ever done this before, but are sure looking forward to it. I have been to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife site and seem to get more confused by the minute. I am eventually going to call them and get some help, but I thought I would check here first. Here are some questions and if anyone can answer any of them, I would appreciate it.
Where would you recommend hunting? Seems everytime I find a unit that I am interested in, it is either not open for bow (like units 4,441,191,61) or there is very little public land. I was told that Monitor mesa in unit 62 is a good place, but it looks like 62 is one of the most heavily hunted units.
Can you hunt all BLM, FS and CDOW lands? For example, if I am going to hunt BLM, are there special rules and permits for them?
Is it worthwhile for me to bring a 4 wheeler?
Can you camp where you want, or do you have to do it in specified campgrounds?
I have a bunch more questions, but this is a start!!