I guess I forgot to post some pictures of the mule deer I shot with a bow this past year. I was on a solo, public land bowhunt.

To make a long story...a lot shorter.

My mule deer a 5x4 with a broken brow tine on the right side, otherwise he would be a clean 5x5. What first caught my attention was fronts through the brush, when I spotted him in the binos. I spotted this deer bedded down the afternoon of the fourth day of my hunt. It took me roughly 3.5 hours to get in position for the shot, which started by hiking around and getting on top of him. Then removing my boots and going in with just my wool socks (which is no easy manner out in this terrain). I slowly inched my way towards him, the wind was perfect!!! Once in position I ranged him a bunch of times since he was sleeping in his bed. And I set my slider sight to the correct yardage...he finally stood later that evening....and well....the rest is history!!!

I quarted the buck out that night, and packed his two front shoulders and all my gear, minus my bow, back to camp. I was 3.5 miles away from camp at this point. So I didn't make it back till after 10:30pm. I came back the next day to pack out the rack, and the rest of the meat.

Here are a few pictures to share with everyone.

Glass, glass, glass

Sunset on the second day of my hunt.

Sunrise on the third morning.