I got a mtn lion living near the house. I caught a glimpse of it, chasing a whitetail fawn and than my trail cam got some shots of him. the trail cam is 335 yards from the house as the crow flies. Basically it is on the hill side across from my house. I went and check my cam this morning and got about 6 shots of him. So I saw him Thursday, got picture of him, Saturday and sunday. I check my cam on Monday, this morning.

I walk thru this spot a couple of times a week. Any one heard of a cat attacking a full grown adult. I am not one to pack a gun in the woods unless it is hunting season, and don't want to pack on my training walks, But I am going thru very tall grass with lots of trees and bushes. A lot of the undergrowth is over my head.

Should I just make a lot of noise, or should I start packing a fricken pistol that I just don't want to carry.

I am as pro gun as anyone, just never have been a carry guy.