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I was just looking into foot beds and this post pops up. For the guys that have the Synergy beds, have you tried something else and then switched to the Synergy, or did you go straight to the synergy based off a recommendation? I called Lathrop and discussed the footbeds with them, but the guy didn't seem real confident with some of the questions I had in differences between these and other types of insoles.
I got a pair of medium arch insoles. The person that was helping me convinced me the best place to start was to get the full support on my feet. I run a very lightweight boot that is not extremely stiff. I have trained myself to turn my feet over quickly when I walk and avoid "rolling" over on the balls of my feet. I find it to be very helpful when I get a little weight on to put my feet straight down and pick them straight up. I thought about getting the cynergy footbeds to go along with a thinner merino sock during warmer weather hunts. I don't want to be forced to run the thicker socks to keep my feet from moving around.