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    i say..if all else fails, get closer to your target. i have never used those high magnification scopes and done pretty well. i use the 3x9 VxIII from leupold and i have missed opportunities to shoot at game because they were too far for me and my optics, but i also have always had my legs and feet to get me closer. to me, that is what hunting is about....

    A good stalk will always be a better story (to me at least) than a long shot story. But its what you want, so go with the scope you like and do it your way. you wont be disappointed doing it your way.

    P.S....just make sure you have good glass, it will make all the difference in the world. light gathering, in my opinion, is more important than magnification, most of your shots will be at first or last light so don't lose out because you couldn't see.
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