Even though I don't live close to where I like to hunt. I have been doing this before Elk season for now going on the 20th year. Staying healthy, prep work for the up coming seasons,work out hard since January, shooting the bow, go do some scouting when the time is right and then it is the middle of July and I say to myself ""I AM JUST SO READY"" to start hunting season. It seems this time of year it doesn't take much to break the little concentration I do have and then I am thinking about being out where I feel the best. I have been hunting by myself or with one friend since I was 11 and even after all these years the bug is still there. The sense of going and being somewhere where someone maybe hasn't been before. Just to hear that first bugle on a cool crisp morning. That sound and feeling is just so hard to put into words even after so many years. That time is coming soon, sooner than we think. It will be here before we know it. You work for it and you live for it!! Everyone else around me seems to be oblivious to what is about to happen!!..................Am I alone here?