So this year my oldest is nine and has always wanted to go hunting with me. I have taken my boys scouting and gopher shooting and camping. They have grown up going deep in the back country. So he is not new to it, just not a hunt.
I know he would not be perfectly quiet, and will try his hardest to do everything right,( he has aspergers) so to him if I say so then it's black and white law. Is is good sometimes and not so much others.
He doesn't notice the cold too much which is good for the early mornings. He literally lives in Camo. We have to convince him there are nice looking plane colors to wear...even to church. I sent him this morning upstairs to put away his camo hoodie. It's going to be 100 degrees today!

I am a self taught hunter. Never had a father take me out to hunt. He did teach me to shoot both guns and bows from a very young age. I want to teach my boys how it all comes together. He won't be hunting I would, but I want him along at some point before he turns twelve and can hunt. The oldest in my opinion is ready for a trip..

so for those here help me with some advice, memories, good and bad, and anything that I can consider in respect of a first trip with dad.

Young guys, tell me what was most important on your first trip with dad. Old guys( and guys like myself that are convinced we are still high school heros and not old yet ) tell me what it's like wih your young ones on a hunt and considerations I might need to have.