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    Quote Originally Posted by ThreeTikkas View Post
    Well put Musket Man. It all comes down to individual needs. 400yds is about it for me as well. Oh I've been known to "go long" in the past,but I'm not as into that sort of thing as I was 25 years ago. The big hammers are being rotated out of the safe as well. As I get older,recoil is more noticeable. A session with the 300 Ultra or the T3 338 leaves me with a 3 day hangover and stiff neck. Good old Arthur Itis is making himself known to me. So,why punish myself and shorten my good years afield? I could very easily settle down with a good 270 Win. I've always been a fan of the round. My daughter is currently using my wife"s old 270 to take her venison every year. I lean a little more toward the 30/06 myself. Same basic list of credentials as the 270. The 06 isn't perfect for every circumstance either,but inside 400 yds it comes pretty close. As does the 270,280,308,7 Rem Mag, and a host of other proven chamberings. Unless you have a specific quarry that you feel requires a specific round. My thoughts are find the "Rifle" that you want to spend your time afield with. Brand,model,barrel length,weight.Then choose the chambering in that rifle that best fits your needs. If you're determined to have a .30 Slam-a-bam-a-Wow,and it's only offered in a rifle that is too heavy for your taste,and doesn't fit you well,it's a loosing proposition from the word go. Find a rifle that is an extension of your body,that you love to carry and shoot,it doesn't need to be a fire breathing monster to take game at reasonable yardages.
    Well said my man! I love my Ruger M77 in 25-06 for everything deer sized and smaller. If I didn't have a muzzle brake on my .300 Wby, I'd be shooting my 30-06 on everything else. I do like the Wby because it is flatter shooting with a 180/200 gr bullet than the 30-06. I could get by with 2 rifles and be very happy. I'm over 70 now and the lighter rifles I have are sure a lot easier to carry and have recoil that I can live with.
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