Interesting story MM. The rifle is about 34 or 35 years old. The guy who would later become my brother-in-law got it as a present from his folks in '78 or '79, I think. It had that plain jane finish so many Savages had back then and he got the urge to refinish the stock, so I helped him. Well a few years later he decides to refinish it again. This was about the time I was getting ready to go into the Army. So a couple of years later I'm back home on leave and asked about the rifle. "I haven't finished it" he says ... I find out it has been apart and in a paper grocery bag at his home all this time ... well to make a long story short I tell him if he ever want to sell it let me know. He went and got the bag and sold it to me for $50!

OH, I was thinking about that after the fact. Once I get some 170 grainers, maybe I'll sight it in that way.