All I have ever used is the Eberlestock J 107. The things I like having on the Eberlestock is the large separate compartments (keep quarters away from gear). The quiet material that it is made from and the ability to go from day pack to hauler. What I hate about it is the empty weight.

The three packs I have been looking at and what I don't like about them.

Eberlestock Blue widow- Not much of a weight savings ( just a little over a pound ).

Kafiru - Hard to tell from website but looks like two smaller pockets with one large compartment ( have to haul meat in with gear). The ones with seperate bag from pack are up there in weight but not bad. I'm worried the material will be noisy going thru the woods.

Stone Glacier- Awesome looking pack but no camo WTF. Also worried about the material being noisy.

My thought was to go buy the Stone Glacier bigger pack system to use for the packing in/out and also buy a frameless camo pack and cut off all the harness's and mount to the Stone Glacier frame for day use.
Has anyone done this or any other thoughts?

I have searched back several pages but everybodys needs are a little different.