...to buy a new rifle that is. You guys have a wealth of knowledge on these things, so I'd really appreciate your advice.

I am considering a new rifle for varmint (mostly coyote) and deer sized game (and perhaps an elk at modest range in a pinch). After reading a bunch of the posts here on both calibers and rifles, I am considering a .243 or a .260 Rem in a Tikka T3 Lite, a Savage or the Remington 700 or model Seven.

Since I'm not currently reloading, the .243 seems a bit ahead with more factory ammo choices, plus I don't hear too much about the .260 these days.

For the rifle, I'd really like one that gives me my best chance at a good shooter straight out of the box with no work accept picking a load it likes. And if it turns out to need a little work, which one is most easily and inexpensively tuned.

What are your thought, suggestion or recommendations? Any other choices you'd recommend?

Sorry so long winded and convoluted, just wanted to send a clear picture on what I want.

Any advice is much appreciated,