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Thread: Slider sights

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    Quote Originally Posted by tdcour View Post
    I guess I am still confused... I have my 3 pins sighted in for 30, 40, and 50. When I am shooting at these distances the sight housing matches up with my peep perfectly, but when I move the dial to 90 and 100 yards, the whole sight housing moves down which causes the sight housing to not align with my peep anymore unless I move my head and try to center it that way. Basically my anchor point stays the same, but my head has to move to center the peep. I'm assuming as long as you always match your peep to your sight housing you should have any accuracy problems no matter the yardage, correct?
    Dont move your head just make the window match your peep at all yardages. I dont look at where the window is just where it is in relation to my peep.

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