I'm from South Louisiana, born and raised. I have hunted all my life, ducks and geese mostly. I deer hunt in Central Texas now. I have been west a couple of times, though I never got to hunt during those trips. My sister lives in Loveland, Co.

The older I get(28), the more consumed I become with hunting out west, Elk hunting in particular. My last trip up to Estes Park, Co sealed it for me. I've been on Eastman's website for a while now, just reading and trying to learn as much as I can. I have hit a bit of a road block with a lot of the terms/words used to describe terrain, hunting tactics, etc..

Would anyone be of help by giving me a description/definition of these words? I have a good idea of what these words mean but I could us some clarity. Maybe turning me to one of Mike Eastman's books that really break things down for beginners would also be helpful.

Thank you for the help.


I know there are a lot of terms I'm forgetting. All help is appreciated.