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    Quote Originally Posted by Alabama View Post
    Interesting that Cuddeback doesn't want this site to do reviews on their cameras.. That doesn't seem to paint Cuddeback in a very positive light.
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    Cuddebacks were pretty good back before the market got flooded with options. Their CS is a pain to deal with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fink View Post
    I think this is really going to depend on what price you want to spend. There are a bunch of good cameras out there, and you really don't even need to spend $150 to get it. I have several Moultrie D-55 cameras, that take great pictures, and have been doing so for a long time.

    Like Alabama said, Reconyx is the best, completely in a class of it's own. But, Cuddyback and Moultrie are pretty good cameras, I've had bad luck with Bushnell and Steathcam cameras
    I agree with Fink. Depending on what you are using it for there are a lot of good cameras out there.

    If you are using the camera for tight trail crossings where the deer will not be in front of the camera for very long than I would go with a camera with a fast trigger speed. I've used cuddeback since I like there price better than reconyx. They finally even came out with a model that uses 2a batteries and now I can put lithium batteries in to last the cold weather!

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    If you are planning to use the cameras at a mineral spot, water hole, etc where the animal will be slowing down or can be stopped you can get away with several of the less expensive models. I've used the stealth cam archers choice, moultrie m80, and cuddebacks primarily. The only camera I have tried that I didn't like was the wildgame innovations.

    I forget the original model and that of the replacements though. I'm on my fourth warranty replacement. I will say there customer service has been great every time I call, but for whatever reason they quit taking pictures after a couple months. Hopefully the fourth time is a charm.

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    I find a lot of the cameras will take good pictures during the day and if they use a flash good night time pics. Some of the IR cameras can wash out at night as the IR flash is to bright and basically whites out the image.

    Hope this helps.
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