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Don....I've just been buying antelope points since the year after they started the point system in Arizona. I want to pick a year I don't have a lot else going on and go to AZ for 3 weeks. My wife's best friend is in Phoenix, she'd have a great time hanging out with her. I'd like to scout for at least a week before and hunt the entire season. My goal is to kill a book buck sometime in my lifetime! I've ate tag soup a few times trying.
Hey Ump,
I drew 13A lope in 1997. Lost my dedicated hunter pt. a few yrs ago because I put elk and lope app in same envelope...They are envelope challanged there you know...I think Ill get it back next year. I sopke with one of my friends in Az. today. Asked him if they blocked off road in by Observatory/Lake Ashurst like they said they were going to do. He said not yet but did some others. I think the one off Lake Mary Rd. going up to observatory where forestry road takes off of is closed now. We have a camp site we have used since 1987 there. It would be about a 5 plus mile hike in from pavement. Friend was going to buy some packing goats ! Another friend here has mules though. Can haul a lot more but a lot more work also ! I'm going to try again next yr. to draw. I saw a big lope buck leaving there in 2009 that I could of shot with rifle at 100 yds. It watched me for about a min. the ran into trees. He was heavy with nice prongs about 5 plus in. and about 16 in. tall. I'd of shot him if had a tag !
Told Skybuster raod was open.