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    Attention Elk Hunters 2013 Contest

    Alert To all Eastmans’ Forum Members that are EBJ or EHJ subscribers.
    If you are a Elk hunter this is for you!!

    This year on the Eastmans Forum we are going to conduct a contest for the Best Elk DIY Public lands hunt / Elk harvest write up. This write up of the hunt can be accompanied by a selection of four photos of your 2013 hunt. The winner of this contest will receive one mans or ladies custom 10k yellow gold ring or ladies pendent valued @ $1000.00. The ring will be made to accommodate one of the Elk Ivory / whistler teeth of the Elk the winner tagged on their DYI Public Land Hunt during the archery/rifle 2013 Elk Season.

    The rules are simple.

    1.The Elk hunt must be a 2013 DIY Public Land Hunt. No paid or guided hunts. You may hunt with friends or family during the hunt but the Elk must be taken by you the EBJ or EHJ subscription holder / forum member during the archery/rifle 2013 Elk Season.

    2.This is not a biggest bull contest. It is a contest for the best write up and photograph contemplation put together by you of your hunt and the Elk you tagged on your 2013 DIY Public Land Hunt.

    3.You must be an active EBJ or EHJ subscriber and Eastmans’ forum member by the end of the day August 1, 2013. No exceptions.

    4.All entries with photographs and subscription number must be submitted on the thread titled “2013 EBJ-EHJ Elk Ivory Ring give away contest”

    5.All entries with up to four photos must be submitted by midnight January 10th 2014.

    6.Voting will be done by Eastmans’ forum members and will be conducted over a two week period starting January 11th 2014 and ending midnight January 25th 2014.

    7.Forum members will be allowed one vote only under their forum name.

    8.Once the votes are tallied the winner will be announced. They will be put in touch with the company giving away the Custom 10ky mans or ladies ring or ladies pendent mounting(Chain not included for the ladies Pendent.) for their 2013 Elk Ivory tooth (Tooth to be supplied by the contest winner). There are no substitutions for this prize.

    9. In case of a tie their will be a runoff between the tied entries. Dates to be announced at a later time.

    Please remember this is based on the honor system. If all goes well with this contest there may be another DIY contest next season. Thank you.

    Here are a few examples of the ring mounting. Each ring is custom made for the elk ivory supplied as they are all unique.
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