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    Mountain Lions

    Couple of weeks ago my friend who hunts the same ranch I do was doing some scouting with his young sons. The ranch we hunt is in the foothills of the Beartooth's about 6 miles south of the yellowstone river. It was in the late afternoon and they came upon 4 cougars, 2 took off running the other 2, 1 of which was a big tom just sat there about 70 yards from the trail. I know it is rare to see A cougar let alone 4 at one time. Just curious as to why they would be in such a large group, especially a big tom with other cats....I see they usually breed in late fall, but get also breed at other times of the year from what i've read. Anyone else see this kind of behavior?

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    When I lived in Bozeman, I had a coworker tell a story of five mountain lions stalking a group deer near his home. I didn't believe him until he brought in the pictures he took. That was the only time I had heard of this activity until this story. Crazy stuff
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