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Roger that.

I suppose a thigh rig makes the most sense. If I adapt my holster with a Molle attachment, where will my pistol be when I am sitting in camp sucking down dinner? Perhaps the best bet would be to have a system that is independent of the pack, yet does not interfere with it.

Good grief, so much gear to buy. It never ends...
The drop-leg is designed specifically to stay clear of equipment on your torso - body armor, etc - so, it will stay clear of your pack also.

They have a vertical strap that attaches to your belt and the holster hangs off of that, a horizontal strap(s) holds the holster to your thigh.

You can take your pack, your jacket, etc all off and not have to take the drop-leg holster off. While you're eating, lounging around camp or answering the call, your pistol will be right at your side.