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I hope I'm not opening a can of worms on this one, but I was at scheels buying some .300 win mag loads and the scheels salesman came over and was talking to me about what I was going to shoot with a .300. I just said, well, mule deer this fall hopefully. Do you have any 200 gr Noslers? And he looked at me and said a .300 is way too big for mule deer and that I should get a .270 if I don't have one. I said well that's what I'm using and went back to looking for ammo. I'm shooting 180 gr Winchesters. Anyway, is there really "limits"? It's just practical vs impractical I think. It'll kill it more dead. Any other opinions? Whether it agrees with mine or not?
I guarantee the only reason that guy told you that the .300 was overkill and that you need a .270 is because he wanted to sell you a .270. He's full of crap