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    Colorado Unit 7, 3rd season

    OK so in the world of crazy shit, here goes.

    I planned a trip to Colorado this year. Got a cabin rented, going with three other guys, drew tags for the 3rd season. Nice, looking forward to it, a change of pace from moose hunting in CA. Never really been elk hunting before.

    Then I find out about a month ago that I also drew any any elk tag for the Black Hills of SD. So, yeah, when it rains it pours.

    If anyone has any tips to offer me on Unit 7, 3rd season, I'd gladly take them. I'm focusing on my Black Hills tag, it's closer to home, it's a very hard tag to draw, and it's a solo hunt. I could use help on the Colorado end of things if there's any to be had. I appreciate your help and I'll gladly follow up with pictures etc. Thank you so much.
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