Hi, i'm a new poster and a new elk hunter and could use some help.

Has anyone got any insight on Unit 3 in South Dakota's Black Hills? South of Hwy 16, down to the Cheyenne River and from the parks west to the border. There are big burns, both old and new, there's public and private, it's a big mixed unit and hard to decipher still. I've been putting in for 14 years and this was the year.

I've called the CO and the biologist. I've talked to the Forest Ranger.
I've made a couple of scouting trips already, and I think I'm generally headed in the right direction.

Part of the planning is to find out from other hunters what they've experienced in that area and so am looking here for help if anyone has any to offer me. I'm a long time subscriber but this is going to be my first elk hunting experience of any size. I've hunted all my life, shot alot of stuff, been on big game hunting trips (moose mostly) so I'm not a total newbie.

Thanks in advance for any info you can give me. I'll look forward to posting some pictures when it's all said and done.