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It's funny you mention that bullbuster. For several years after buying my lifetime license, I never drew on a single hunt. I thought that it had something to do with my lifetime license number. I remember even contacting the headquarters and asking them if there was something up with it. Now I realize that it was just coincidence and that I just had bad luck for that stretch because I do draw every once in a while now.

I have had my lifetime license for over 14 years. Bought it right before I moved out of state. Best investment I've ever made. I've been back to hunt every year since.

I had the same question though about being counted in the resident quota for draws. I had a couple emails from the IFG stating that I was indeed included in the resident quota.

This year I found out they were right. I drew a Unit 6 moose tag putting in for the first time for moose. When the draw odds were posted, sure enough no nonresidents drew the tag that I drew. Now I know for sure. I just had bad luck for the first 13 years.....