I'm not begining to have that issue, I've had it for a long time. I am almost 72 years old and have been hunting and fishing since I was 6 or 7 years old. Shot my first doves and ducks when I was 8, first deer at 12. Hunting (and fishing) have been part of my families life for generations. During the depression, fish and game were staples that were depended on for food.

When I was younger, used to be a much sought after bragging right....who got the biggest and the most. Everything except predators, was table fare. Luckily my wife came from a similiar family as mine. Over the years my views have changed a lot. A hunting or fishing trip is not a failure if I come home without anything. The trip itself and getting in the field seeing birds, in the mts and on the water is the reward. I love to sit in a blind and watch the geese flying. Don't really need to shoot any to have fun. Today I don't take anything thats not on my menu. I quit hunting waterfowl when my Lab died and besides they arn't really that great eating, at least for me. I catch lots of fish and release most of them. I always bring a few home to eat too.

As most of you "youngsters' get older, I got an hunch that your views will change too. A friend of mine went to Africa some years ago and his Dad went too, just to take pictures. I thought to myself, why would he go all the way over there and not hunt, as he was a hunt too. I understand much better now, 35 years later.