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    I'm beginning to have an issue

    It's like this: I really don't want to shoot an animal; watch him stagger and die. That said, I usually hunt with a longbow. Pretty much gave up on rifle hunting (I'm a former SEAL sniper, to give you an idea of skill level) and switched to the stick some years ago. 3 seasons ago I took a beautiful 6X6 elk in Idaho, but did use my rifle there. Even though he was dead before he knew it, sitting beside him still brought some tears. It's not that "high five" moment I've seen on videos. I've had shots that were a certainty if I were to release that arrow, and chose not to. In fact, my most memorable hunt was like that, with a really nice mulie standing broadside 20 yards from me. I had him cold, at full draw, and would not have missed the shot. And he knew it. After a few seconds holding 57lbs at full draw, I let down, and he was gone. I have no problem whatsoever taking grouse with either a bow or the scattergun. Am I just "going soft" or going overboard on sentimentality here?

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