Whether or not you have a preference point system like Colorado or a straight up random draw like New Mexico, the odds of drawing the uber-premium tag is always going to be low. Everyone talks about the elk tags in northwest Colorado as never being available for them to draw in their lifetime whereas in New Mexico you could draw them multiple times. Yes, it's possible. And so is winning the Powerball.

Looking at the draw odds for 16D rifle elk in New Mexico and the 2C rifle deer tag in New Mexico, whether or not they have a point system or not, your draw odds are incredibly low and it is highly unlikekly that you would ever draw those tags. For 16D elk rifle, there were 684 non-resident first choice apps and 3 got drawn for draw odds of 1 in 228. So statistically you would have to apply for 228 years to draw that tag. For the 2C mule deer rifle tag, 763 non-residents apps were submitted on their first choice and ONE drew a tag. So even if NM decided to go to a preference point system next year, there would probably be a couple thousand people that bought points and the vast majority of people with max points for the next 50 years would still never draw that 2C tag.

I think the hype over the top units is vastly overdone anyways. I don't know if it would be all that enjoyable of a hunt knowing that you waited 20 years for a tag. To me, the pressure of waiting for a tag for 20 years and then feeling like I had to shoot a monster just doesn't seem enjoyable to me. To any of the guys on here who've had one of those tags, I'd be curious to know what you felt like going into and out of the hunt.