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    GMU 67 second season deer

    Good afternoon everyone. I turned in 7 points for a 67 2nd season deer tag this year. I have read that the herd hasn't fully recovered from the 07-08 winter, but I know there is still good deer in the area. I have hunted 67 for elk twice back in 03 & 04. That is when I noticed the amount of high quality bucks was enormous. I have hunted 66 and 65 a few times as well. I am somewhat familiar with the area. I was hoping for some advice on where to set up a good camp or rent a cabin close to hunting and a general area to begin looking for bucks. In the past we hunted the west side of 67 off of 149. We would take a dirt road due east off of 149. The entrance was across the highway from about a 12' tall fence. IIRC, it was BLM road 3042 or Co. Rd. 149 . It starts as low sage country and winds up in timber up high. Any advice would be great. I would love to scout, but the 32 hour round trip is too much. Thanks for anything and everything.

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