I received this email this a.m and thought I would share if you do not receive them. I participate in several of the local non profit wildlife groups around town and often times get feedback from others on how they can help out. I will start posting the email and contact info if your interested. Thanks.

NSU Executive Board and supporters;

We have a vital project happening this Saturday, we are looking for volunteers. This project will have minimal cost such as bottled water, some water lines and tractor fuel. Attached is a membership flyer, if at all possible please send in memberships to the address on flyer. Or you may call Gary at Branded Meats to pay via Credit Card, 702-492-9998. I am asking if you have a chance please try and recruit members to join, ie. family, friends, acquaintances.

Don’t forget July 1st will be our meeting one option is town center lounge on Cheyenne and Simmons but does anyone else have a different location in mind. The ideal place would hold 20 to 30 people and serve dinner.

Anyone wanting to help this weekend, we will be meeting at the Werner Family Taxidermy shop at 5 am. We will have water but bring your own snacks. Please RSVP so we can have a count. If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call.

Ryan Werner
NSU, President