Finally finished up almost a month of competative shooting......and I'm tired! 2 regional shoots in preparation for the state championships and finished up with another regional last weekend with everyone going to the world championships in New Mexico next weekend. I did pretty well considering I was shooting against shooters who were young enough to be my grandchildren. Won 2 outright, but had gun problems at the state match and was 5th. I was not a happy camper! But had a blast. Last weekend shot against shooters from Australia, New Zealand and German, they are really good.

The shooting I compete in (some of you might not know) is Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS). We use period firearms(Single action revolvers, lever rifles and shotguns) and dress that way too. I also shoot only black powder. Lots of fun for old farts like me who grew up watching Hoppy, Gene Autry and the Lone Ranger when we were kids. There will be around 1000 shooters from around the world for this weekends World's. "Shoot, Have Fun and Make Smoke"