Over the years, I have learned from hard knocks, misfires, fouled bores, and missed bucks (oh my the big blacktails I missed early on!!) to be pretty disciplined in my loading procedure when hunting with a muzzleloader. I'd like to try T7 again this year. I have never dialed in with Triple 7 and would like to shoot it this fall for my Oregon late blacktail hunt. If you have dialed in with T7 would you mind sharing your experience?

1) Do you foul your barrel before hunting? If so specifically how?

2) What caps/primers do you like? In Oregon we have to use percussion or musket caps.

3) Do you have a barrel swabbing procedure between shots? If so what is it specifically and how frequently?

4) If you are hunting and fired a shot in the field and then quickly reload, how long will you keep that second load loaded. Will you fire the gun and clean the barrel soon after, say that evening?

5) How often do you clean the nipple? How do you clean it?