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my uncle also drew the archery tag this year. both his son and myself have had the tag in the past. so we know the area very well. it is a extremely big zone and can be daunting to narrow down a spot to concentrate on. cant go wrong with spending time out on the garden or in the podosa area, both have lots of animals. dont be afraid to call the biologists and wardens for ideas on where to begin your scouting. sounds like water is going to be a premium this year. out on the garden it is nothing to see 5 to 10 cameras on a water hole, because you are also dealing with antelope and deer tag scouters as well. beast of luck and feel free to get a hold of me and make sure we wont be on top of each other. chris schertz

Don't have the tag,,,but,,,that's dam cool to help a fella out!