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My buddy in Wyoming drew his OIL Cali Sheep Tag for 570 B2 (E Beatys Butte/Alvord Peaks) that runs from 9/3-9/16. Any of you guys out that way that would care to chime in for areas to hone in on would be greatly appreciated. It is going to be quite a two or three week period because he already had drawn an archery bull elk tag for ne Nevada above Elko. It looks like we'll go to Oregon before Labor Day to scout and concentrate on taking a decent ram the first week and then head for Nevada for whatever time we have left in an attempt to fill that elk tag before that season ends on the 16th. Life is good!
Hey Topgun welcome to Eastman's. I don't know that sheep area, I have only hunted the west side of Beatys and that was many years ago, so I con't help you there.

An idea for your friend. If he a had a LOT of elk points in Nevada (say 15+), he can return the tag and get his points restored, and focus solely on his sheep tag this year. If he drew Nevada elk with only a few points, it certainly makes sense not to give up the tag.