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That's a pretty interesting way to think of it hardstalk. I wouldn't get a thrill or be proud of myself for killing an animal at anything over 400 yards (I would prefer 30 yards or less to get my heart pumping), but I do push the limits in other aspects of my life and I don't want people giving me grief over it. Personally I feel the same as coloradocowboy on the subject, but I guess all we can do is raise our own children the way we think they aught to be.
I would have to disagree. I think the hardest thing to do as a parent is let your kid do what THEY want to do and be who THEY want to be. If you raise your kids the way we think it aught to be its a hindrance that retards their full potential. And society. Embrance change and learn with them. But always guide. I think this is a whole nother forum in itself though.