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    Maybe we could try to find common ground among hunters and not try to alienate others with our own standards. There is no difference in this argument compared to the bow vs. rifle vs. muzzy. Traditional vs. Compound or any of the other hunter vs. hunter "I am better, tougher, cooler, more ethical, smarter, etc. than you" arguments that spread malcontent and division among hunters. Hunters should be coming together, not dividing.

    If you don't want to shoot long range, don't. If you don't want to hunt with a rifle, bow, spear, whatever ... don't. That kill was longer than any I have had, or will ever have. Still, it was legal, and I hope he enjoyed the experience, even if others wouldn't. It makes me kind of sad for a kid to make his first kill and be armchair quarterbacked and called unethical by people I respect because he "could" have made a bad shot and wounded an animal.

    I actually made a bad shot myself on my first buck. I rushed my shot and gutshot him at about 60 yards. After a long track job and a finishing shot I was elated with my first trophy.

    The ranges I shoot in the woods are mine. I am confident in them and will not take a shot outside of my ability. I wouldn't put my limits on somebody else, and I wouldn't want their limits put on me.

    IKIC, you know I don't like these threads, and typically stay out, but this is how I feel. We will see how the thread goes from here.

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