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    Ultra Long Range Shooting/Hunting

    I know this has been discussed at length previously, but I need to vent a little about my concerns on a TV program I watched this week (It was NOT Best of the West). It was elk hunting in Wyoming by a young teen with his Dad who is the show host. This was the boy's first elk hunt. He shot a nice bull at 1473 +/- yards. I think this really sets a bad example for other young/novice hunters. My Dad spent years teaching me the basics of big game hunting. He taught me about ethics, stalking skills and yes he stressed still hunting (ya hear this Old Hunter). Not every novice hunter has the luxury of a VERY expensive rifle, optics and ammunition used in this program. IMHO this type of a program that stresses ultra long range shooting encourages real problems with hunter ethics. I can visualize wounded and lost animals that these shows don't show or even mention.

    Sorry about my rant, but this just makes me wonder where our passion for hunting is going. I used to watch and comment on a long range forum, but just got tired of all the junk I saw on it. Sure we have equipment that enables us to shoot at this range, but is it right. Sure ain't for me!!!
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