For the past 9 years a small group of dedicated volunteers have put together one of the best 1-day camps for kids that the hunting community has ever seen. Over the past 9 years we have put a Shotgun, Bow, .22 Rifle and Muzzleloader into the hands of over 1440 kids. HOW COOL IS THAT? This year we are full and completely packed with over 250 kids pre-registered to attend.

We are a 501C3 and with this being our 10th Anniversary year we made it a goal to get 10 guns donated for give aways. Well we did it. 10 guns. These guns will be on Raffle's as well as free give-away's to the kids. If you are at all interested in a chance to buy raffle tickets come on out or check out our website if you might be interested in donating to our cause. The camp is on May 7th in Emmett, Idaho.

We do believe in "SHOOTING FOR THE FUTURE".

Check it out. 100% FREE to these kids all out of donations.