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    If I need a scope. It's long range to me.

    I don't use a scope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Multi-SpeciesHunter View Post
    I wanna start off by saying I hate long-range hunting, it isn't fair to the game animal. At 1000 yards, you can sit and talk and most animals wouldn't ever know you're there. Thats's not fair. What is considered long-range? I used to think 300 yards. Then I got into western hunting, and it changed to 600 yards. Then now I think about it and maybe 450-500 yards. Hmmmm. My set-up with my .300 winnie, should be able to slam animals hard at 600 yards. But I also bought this set-up to mess around with at longer ranges. I don't think I'd ever fire a shot on a game animal past 400 yards, but I'm only human and knowing I can put em' down past that, I might break down and shoot em' farther. What is everyone's thoughts on this topic?

    Sorry guys I had to lock the thread. You understand.
    I don't Break the rules, I Modify them.

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