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Do you not want the same Lowa lace in a 90"-96" or are you just wanting a stronger and a bit longer lace? I checked on the Lowa site and they say for replacement laces to let them know the length needed.


I'd imagine you would want something close to the same dia for the lace lock to work well or at least from the Lowa boots my wife and I have it would seem that would be nice to have too.
KEVIN: I would love the same lace. I was on that link and it takes you to Summit Hut. The longest lace they have listed is 83" which is probably the same lace that I have. If I could find the length I need, I would probably just go with them.

PACKMULE: I measured my lace with a caliper this morning and it looks pretty close to 4 mm diameter. I see REI has "accessory cord" in 4 mm. Using that with heat shrink on the ends would probably be a good solution.

25C: The Spyder Line looks pretty good too and comes in 3.8 mm. 1860 pound breaking strength...hmmmm might just work...lol.

I wonder if it is good to have stretch in your boot laces or not. I can see pros and cons to low stretch laces.