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IF you are above timber, you will VERY rarely have any issues with bears. i,e, high country muley hunts in September...

To answer the question in regards to the WA shakes - I have not utilized them, so I have little input. As far as the WA Hydrate and Recover, it comes in a flavor called Berry Blast... It's not bad - Granted, it is not as sweet as Gatorade but it goes down fine. Considering the benefits, I love it.

Once upon a time, WA gave us a ton of their product that I would have otherwise never purchased or utilized. After using the Hydrate and recover powder, I am sold and will continue to buy it into the future. Just as a FYI - I am not trying to sell this product or help push the stuff. Simply put, it works well for me and my friends who use it.
My base camp will be relatively low (8000ish feet) and I'll be hoofing it into where I hunt, so I'll be in the timber to start out. I need to scout one area I want to hunt this fall, it gets pretty high, but I think most of it will be in timber, with just a few high spots.

Thanks for the info on the Wilderness Athlete, I'll try some.