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The biggest factor here will simply be the glucosamine for joint and muscle recovery. The sweeteners they use are all natural and taste good, without the dye that Gatorade uses. WA also replaces the salts and electrolytes I need with the glucosamine which is what makes it a great chioce. Gatorade alone, will not meet all of your bodies needs.

I have no use for their protein pak's - They are not what I want to choke down on a backpack hunt. Kippered herring snacks in the pulltab can are good energy foods, however that is separate from what the WA drink mix does.

A lot of people like the other powdered/drop drink mixes like Mio and crystal light, however those do nothing more than add flavor. You need to replace nutrients, not watch calories when it comes to hydration.

After the third to fourth day, the sleep will get MUCH better. It takes time for your red blood cell count to raise enough to handle the decreased oxygen absorption rates. After a week, you should be completely out of the woods and feeling pretty good, however, that just so happens to coincide at a time when your body is about done from the vertical hikes every day covering ground.... THAT is where the WA drink mix will save your butt.
That's good to hear. I also got a better pad, which will help with the back pain. I can actually sleep on my side on it (Synmat 9), plus it's got the insulation, which should also help.

I'm guessing that, in the end, getting gatorade and glucosamine pills would probably end up costing the same as the WA powder would.

How does that stuff taste and do you know if any stores sell individual packs?

And have you tried their meal replacement shakes? I'm think something like that might be good mixed in with the Carnation instant breakfast.