Hey guys I have been going through my gear regrouping and one thing stands out to me. For the past few trips I have made packing in I have struggled with daily calorie count yet packing light. I normally pack in for five - seven days at a time. I am not quite as high tech as some here but would like to be more efficient when packing in food. What are you guys packing in for meals to get that calorie count. Also how are you efficiently packing that food in your pack. I feel like I need 2400-2500 calories a day to keep up my energy level as I am constantly on the move. I will be honest I have never pack in any freeze dried meals and feel this my be a good way to lighten up the pack significantly. I have packed in some MRE meals but find they are just as bulky but at least they have that calorie count needed. Any tips would be appreciated. Mark