Silvies has been good to me for elk, I'm 3 for 5 on rilfe hunts there. I haven't rifle hunted there since it burned, I've been going to Chesnimnus archery lately, 1 for 2 there so far.

This years deer hunting I will be focusing on my youngest step daughter, She really wants to kill a buck. I took her to Metolius last year, she hunted hard but ended up without one. I have her in for Paulina this year, she should draw that.

I will likely deer hunt up high west of the PCT. I will not get too excited for that till mid October, I will be looking for one of them hybrid Muley/Blacktails.

Windy rainy is when the Blacktail hunting gets good! I llike to hunt them after the first big storm blows through.

Good luck in Idaho, I am looking forward to seeing how you do. I put in for deer there, not sure what I will do if I don't draw, may try an OTC hunt if I have the time and $