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Thread: Early Kaibab

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    Quote Originally Posted by norcalhunter View Post
    I have enough points to draw a good late season Coues tag but have never hunted Coues before. Just wondered if a newbie would have a decent shot of taking a good buck DIY? When does the rut really kick in. If I decide to hunt this year I would hunt the opener 12/13-12/18 in unit 23. Any thoughts?
    Mule deer rut usually kicks in to full swing last part of December or early January depending on weather and location.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drhorsepower View Post
    I will be using my points on coues hunts. The strip is virtually impossible in my lifetime.
    I'm feeling the same. Have 12 pts. for deer and was thinking the last couple years to burn them on some other hunt besides 12A, !2B,13A or 13B. Hunted 12B late in 2001, Haven't been able to draw 12B late or 13A since. I will be up on Kiabab in Sept. but not for archery deer. I hunted arhery deer on Kiabab every year at least once or twice from 1987 up until a few yrs. ago when it went to draw. I miss hunting there. It's nice up there in late Aug. and Sept.. Going to stay at Jacob Lake for few days. I want to go back to a place in 12B where I picked up a bunch of shed's and found a pair of whoppers in 2001. Couldn't get there any sooner this year. Hope they aren't too bleached out yet !

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    Is this buffalo thing for real? I never heard of anything like that. I should be drawing a 12AW late deer tag this year with one point below max.



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