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    Icebreaker Merino Wool pants on sale at Sierra Trading Post

    They're on sale, plus you get another 20% off with code SITEFUN513, for a total of 44% off. I'm getting two pairs of pants on sale for $100 shipped.

    They also have Smartwool XL and 2XL on sale.

    I don't know how long the sale lasts.
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    Thanks for the tip. That is a great sale they have and promo. Icebreaker is typically priced a bit on the high side. I just got a couple lightweight Icebreaker shirts and some Smartwool socks using that promo code. Icebreaker is awesome. I just got back from a backpacking trip up in the Seirras. The Icebreaker Merino wool shirt kept me warm and keeps that stink off when sweating for days. I've had it for a couple years now. It still looks almost new and it is more comfortable than when I first wore it.



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